"Identity, in the most profound way, is never conceived in the here and now. For when you begin to conceptualize an understanding of self, you cease to be that and ultimately become something new, something more, something you can only imagine, dream, and wonder about."


The journey of 'The Inception of Wonder' is in exploring spaces, understandings, definitions, experiences, & encounters with the realities of wonder & awe. Our hope is to ignite a shared imagination, explore concrete physical incarnations, & catalyze a movement for inspiration.



In all things we seek to rediscover the prophetic wonder of personal and communal Imagination through the shared explorations of Listening, Learning, and Living into the relational story telling of our lives and the grand story of our creator through his/her creation and cosmos.


As wonder begins to express itself through the concrete physical presence of personhood & community, we want to share those stories of Reconciliation, Renewal, & Resurrection as they become a part of our culture, art, relationships, work, spirituality, time, and space. These are the stories of character development, innovative community experience, and the transformation of life and society for the better.


We want to Inspire people by Investing into the betterment of all life & creation, becoming Involved with the diversity of our communities & the stories of our neighbours while also Inviting them into being a part of a grand story that reveals truth, justice, beauty, purpose, meaning, and goodness in all things.

It is our belief that through the practices of Imagination, Incarnation, & Inspiration we will come to discover a life of awe & a relationship with the wonder of our creator.

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Creator & Host

Erik Freiburger - B.Th. - MRE/ML

I am deeply passionate for God and the mystical presence of his/her works & wonders.

I am a husband to my wife & inspired by her many talents and hospitable heart for others every day.

I am a pursuer of all truth, knowledge, justice, righteousness, & that which makes both our world & humanity better.

I am a practitioner of community development, social activism, leadership, discipleship, & missional identity/theology.

I am an artist through writing, public speaking, teaching, & leading through creative discussion.