Arriving in Vancouver

In the book 'Recapture the Wonder', Ravi Zacharias starts out in the first chapter describing a trip that he and a friend took to the southern most tip of Africa. He described the picturesque scene of watching the beautiful skyline over the ocean waves as the two currents of the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean collided together in dramatical form. It took his breath away! At the same time he couldn't help but feel like something was missing. The environmental scene was perfect but it was incomplete without his ability to share it with his wife who was far away, waiting for him in their home land. Traveling along the Coquihala highway between Kamloops and Vancouver the other day I couldn't help but feel that same sense that Ravi expressed as I witnessed what can only be described as one of the greatest natural landscapes of the world. I may not have traveled the globe but; driving through British Columbia's mountain ranges between Calgary and Vancouver makes my heart both temble in fear at the insirmountable elevations and drops and leap with complete amazment and excitment at the beautiful, lush, plant growth and breath taking views! I only despreatly wish Bonnie could have traveled with me and seen it too.


Being rainy weather most of the way, there was often low lying cloads which made it difficult at times to drive as I contemplated the fact that I could only see a few feet in front of me (I was driving right through the cloads!!!) and there was shear cliff drops on one side of the highway while there was a rock face on the other side. Most of the scenary made me feel like I was in the movie 'Gorilla's in the Mist' as I watched the cloads roll down over the mountain sides. Thank God Jesus kept his hands on the wheel too!

Halfway through the Coquihala after I was pulling out of a rest stop, I saw an elderly gentleman flaging me down on the side of the merge lane. Pulling over and rolling down my window he asks me, "Are you heading towards Hope?" I was nervous answering as I was uncomfortable about giving strangers a ride. Thankfully he just explained that his car was having trouble and he wondered if I could stop and ask someone in Hope to bring him some gas as he thought it was a miss reading of his gas gage that was the problem.

"No problem!" I said and I quikley drove off. Then I realized, I didn't even get his name. Why didn't I even introduce myself and get his name? Hope turned out to be only 15 to 20 minutes away and as I was pulling into the town I thought to myself, why not get the gas myself and take it back to him. Isn't that what Jesus would do?

As I returned to the side of the highway and handed him the gas he looked at me in astonishment. "You returned!!" he said with quit a bit of excitment. I responded "Of course I did." After putting the gas in his car and starting it up he came back and explained to me that he had been waiting there for a good four hours even after flaging another truck earlier in the morning and asking him if he would do the same thing. I guess I was the only one who returned. We shook hands and introduced are ourselves while he told me all about his morning and eventually we headed are seperate ways. I'm not quit sure why I stopped or even why I went back but it felt so good to respond to Christ's call in that moment as a good Sameritan.

Arriving in Vancouver I quikley unloaded the van and phoned Bonnie to let her know I was here. It was a very rough first night after I set everything up for the week. I won't share any of the details but prayer is the only thing that got me through it all. I only hope that it is going to be a better week as I go along.

Anyways, I spent the morning sight seeing along the coast and I managed to attend Kurt Kuykendall's church plant 'West Coast Christian Church'. It was great connecting with him again after meeting in Calgary last year at a conference being held at ABC. It was exciting to see his church community and talk with many of its members at the BBQ following the service. I owe a huge dept of gratitude to Kurt for helping me out with some of the accessability needs in my hotel room (he built a ramp for me and brought it over to my hotel later in the evening). I hope and pray God continues to bless a grow Kurt and his church.

Well, it is time to get some rest as I am looking forward to hearing Alan Hirsch speak tommorow! I only hope that the rest of the week will be improving with regards to many of the challenges that I have been facing.