Questions of Church Planting: Focusing on Structural Dynamics

Church WindowI have been trying to stay away from blogging for awhile so I can focus more on writing visionary work for our hopes of church planting. Lately, I have been turning my thoughts toward the structural dynamics of Epiphany Christian Fellowship and after conversing with a friend about it, he sent me an email with a number of questions to ponder with its regards to ECF. I have found that some of the questions seem to rub off on me a little negitively with regards to their lack of missional conciderations and what seems like (C)hurch Organizational (Institutional) Structural underlying assumptions. But I guess, I do need to spend a little more time mulling them over these issues and yes, of course, praying about them. Perhaps though, within your own context, you might like to have a crack at them also. How would you answer these questions in your own missional and cultural contexts?

Winning People

  • How are you going to get people to know about your church?
  • How are you going to get them to come to some church activities?
  • How are you going to get them to understand the essence of the gospel and to make a commitment to Christ?

Integrating People

  • How are people going to find a place to belong?
  • Where is there space to find Christian community?

Nurturing People

  • What do you have to help people through the tough spots in life?
  • How will you care for those in dysfunctions and addictions?
  • How will you care for people's souls?

Discipling People

  • What will you do to help people understand what it means to follow Christ fully?
  • What will you do to help people live in a Christian manner?
  • What will you do to help people hear the voice of God and know his will?

Setting People Free to Minister

  • How will you help people discover their ministry?
  • What will you do to provide coaching and care for those in ministry?
  • How will you go about training your leaders?