Eliminate Hurry From Your Life: Are You Kidding?

Good ChristianO.K. So today was the day which Bonnie informed me was dedicated to Christmas shopping. Now I love Christmas but to tell you the truth, I can't stand Christmas shopping! "Oh, look at this. And look at that. Isn't it so cute?" Ahhhh!!!! It drives me crazy! I like the idea of having a list, going in to get it and getting out as fast as possible. Bonnie on the other hand, likes to stop and look at every little Christmas ornament and possible sale there is. Ah, the joys of Christmas I suppose.

I wondered the mall watching as other people scurried about us trying to finish there shopping too and I wondered, "Why am I in such a rush?" Why can't I just enjoy this time with my wife and watch her beautiful smile light up my face as she holds up the latest stuffed Santa Clause being displayed in the Sears department store? And then a still moment came to my heart where I remembered something Cam Roxbrogh said the last time I saw him, "Eliminate hurry from your life."

I took a deep breath and repeated it to myself. "Eliminate hurry from your life." Something so simple and yet so difficult to practice, especially in the midst of a shopping mall at Christmas! Another deep breath. It was amazing the things of life that I began to take in once I was able to realize that there was no hurry. People laughing, smiling, Bonnie planning for the future Christmas dinner that we will have with my dad and Pat. The funny scene of a mother going from rack to rack as her little boy trailed behind her saying "I'm tired! Are we done yet?"

I suppose that is something that is becoming more clear to me now. We can all find ourselves locked into a sense of hurry where every ounce of energy is dedicated to finishing and the only thought is of how tired you are. Or we could...eliminate hurry from our lives and recognize the wonder of life within each moment. In honesty, I need to practice a life without hurry a lot more. Perhaps you might want to too.

Psalm 39:5b-6

"Surely all mankind stands as a mere breath!Selah

          Surely a man goes about as a shadow!

Surely for nothing they are in turmoil;

          man heaps up wealth and does not know who will gather!"