Changes in Just Wondering...

Candle in the DarkIt seems as though some of the most intimate moments that I have experienced with God have been while sitting on my back deck under the blackness of night while starring off into the glittering night sky of the stars and luminous moon light. It seems as though I could spend hours there conversing about my day, family, friends, and my deeper thoughts about faith, theology, and the church. I suppose too, often I would just sit there listening and enjoying being in his presence. I often like to compare it to a candle being lit in a dark room. It is small and yet it brings illumination and focus to everything within that room. Likewise, Jesus can bring light into our lives through moments of inspiration or epiphany even in the darkest of circumstances! It is for this reason that I decided to change the theme to Just Wondering… so that it could better reflect this aspect of my life, faith, and walk with Jesus. It is a darker theme in the hopes of it drawing focus and attention on what is being said and shared through my posts and the community responses. Contrary to some of my friends saying other wise, I must confess that I am not a “computer guru” and as such I chose this theme from a set design. There are ups and downs to its parameters one of which is that the pages to this site are now listed at the side rather then as tabs at the top. I hope this does not deter you from exploring the other different Wonderings I have on this site.

The other change which I have brought to Just Wondering is in the recognition of how God has used music to shape and mold my faith throughout the years. Whether it was sitting in the living room listening to my mother play her box guitar and singing along with her or the many great artists, ”Christian” and “Non-Christian”, that I have heard play live and in recordings; music has always had a great place in my heart for the authentic expression and exploration of what it means to walk in Jesus’ presence. For this reason I have added a “Box" widget to the right column of the site where you can listen to some of the music which has impacted me over years. At the beginning of every month I will change the song being played so make sure to keep up with the latest addition to ‘Songs of Wonder’.

Bonnie and I will be busy over the next coming months writing a business plan and preparing for the launch of ‘Expressions Coffee & Tea House’. However, I hope to write a number of posts over the next little while on such things as ‘Who Am I?’ - My New Years Covenant, ‘Some Christmas Pic’s’, and a series of entries detailing my thoughts regarding the six points of ‘Ideology and the Christian Church’ which I had brought up a few weeks ago. Until then enjoy the new theme, the ‘Songs of Wonder’, and the encounters you might have with the presence of Jesus in your life!