The Top Ten Biblical People I would Like to Meet

Not sure why but the question of "If you could meet any Biblical person, who would it be?" has been rolling around my head the last few days, So, here is my top ten list:

10. Joseph Son of Jacob (Gen. 30:22-24) - Perhaps just because he was a dreamer like me.

9. Moses (Exodus 2:1-10) - Maybe just to make sure it's not Charlton Hesston. I still love his story though!

8. Joshua (Numbers 13:25-33) - I love his Faith, Barbarian Way, and Inspiration as a fellow Warrior!

7. Samson (Judges 13) - I have got to see the original Terminator in person.

6. David (1 Sam. 16:1-13) - The "man after God's own heart".

5. Solomon (2 Sam.12:24-25) - I would love to sit over a cup of coffee and listen to the wisdom of the "teacher" (Ecc. 1:1).

4. John the Baptist (Matthew 3:1-12) - I have always wondered, what draws great crowds of people to see a man who dresses in camel's hair, eats locusts and honey, and preaches in a dessert. I guess that proves the point... I want to see him too!

3. Timothy (Acts 16:1-5) - Most stories in the Bible speak of his youthfulness and "newness" to church planting. I would like to ask how he grew in experience and what wisdom he found through his years of sharing the gospel.

2. Paul (Acts 9:1-19) - This is a man who would do anything for the call of the Holy Spirit and follow him to "the ends of the earth". That is something to admire! I must admit to also wanting to ask his exact meaning as to what his "thorn in the flesh" is.

1. Peter (Matt. 16:13-20) - More and more I have been finding my own character and personality being connected to the stories of Peter. I find great inspiration in his passion and fervency for Jesus as his (and mine) Lord and Savior!

Perhaps you might be asking, "Why is Jesus not on my list?" To be brief...

I know Jesus!!!

Who would you like to meet in the Bible?