Craziness, Life, and the Inevitability of Change

O.K. O.K. Yes, it has been some time since I have written here in the blogshere. In truth it has been a rough set of weeks to which I have been through which has caused me to have little to no spare time. In all things though I recognize that God has placed the workings of a remarkable miracle. Namely, that life never remains the same and will always be led through the practice of metamorphosis and change. A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to spend a day up in the mountains with a close friend while at an Aikido Seminar. I really just loved the chance to get out of the city as I have been unable to for some time. Not sure what it is but there is something of a nature of peace which is brought to me when I am surrounded by nothing but trees and mountains without the sounds and movement of traffic, people, and the unending call for movement. Little did I know that that would be the last moment of peace I would experience for the next few weeks!

My adoptive grandmother (Meredith), her sister Kathy, and my adoptive aunt Ruth who is 88 years old came for a visit that following week. They came from B.C. so that we could all attend a family wedding the following Saturday. After a few days we recognized that Aunt Ruth was not so well and was up most of the night coughing with a bad lung infection.

I headed to work that next morning while Bonnie stayed at home with Ruth. By the mid day it was apparent that Ruth was in desperate need for medical attention. Bonnie phoned me at work and I quickly returned home and we phoned for an ambulance. It wasn't until later at the hospital that we would find out that she had acute pneumonia and a bladder infection which was affecting her cognitive abilities. As a result she has remained in the hospital as we continue to pray and visit her with the hopes of healing.

Following that I was looking forward to going to church that Sunday with the desire to find some sense of assured normality and God's leading. It was a Sunday which I will never forget. Standing before the congregation the elders announced there intentions to reconstruct the worship arts pastors position to be a ".4" position. Rhys, then stood with his wife in hand and formally resigned from his pastoral position. Now, if you know me you know that I do not think that worship is reliant on any one person nor do I feel it is reliant on one specific "staff" position. That said, Rhys is a good friend and a founding member to McKenzie Towne Church and I must admit to being a little shocked.

Then another shot came...

Norm, our senior pastor also took the stage with his wife in hand. After receiving a call to take up a position in the NAB over looking several churches he to is resigning from the role of senior pastor to MTC. Needless to say, the congregation was extremely quit and I was flooded with a ton of thoughts many of which I recognize cannot be entirely communicated properly here. It is something which I know will be worked out through time.

Questions that I do wonder though are:

  • How does the rest of the congregation feel about this change? What would help them with understanding and taking ownership of its dynamics?
  • What vision do the elders have with regards to MTC and the ways in which we might missionally reach the surrounding community both as a church and in the reconstruction of staff?
  • Where are my hopes for church planting and the vision of Expressions in all of this?
  • How might we as a body find healing, faith, and trust with the guidance of the church and elders throughout this transition and change?
  • How might I help and use my gifts and abilities to serve and connect with those in our community while going through these changes?
  • Where is God in this? How might we recognize and meet with him in the midst of this change? What might he have in store for our future while we prepare for his great plan in SE Calgary?

I know just from the many experiences in my life that even though it may be hard to see God in this very moment and where he is taking us; God is present and his hope for our future is full of great impacts for his Kingdom!

"The burning of a little straw may hide the stars, but the stars outlast the smoke."


"The field had to be broken, the iron molten, the orchard lopped, the wheat winnowed, the stream imprisoned above the mill. Perhaps it was the same with man's life. From defeat greater endeavor must be born, from tears increased purpose, from despair hope. Why should a man fall but to rise again, die but to live?"

George Dell