What Do I Value Most About MTC?

While in church this morning the question was asked "What do you value most about MTC?" It is a difficult question to answer when you consider the potentialities and many great qualities and values which are behind the MTC community. Which one is first and can we really limit just one to being primary and foremost? I don't really think so. I suppose for the sake of answering the question though these are some of which standout in my mind. I think first is the people which make up the MTC community itself. We have all come from different walks in life and we each express a richness (if I can say that) in character, talents/giftings, and wisdom which brings a diversity to who we are. In the same way we find a unity and equality not unlike the Acts 2 community in Jerusalem (Acts 2:44). I find the added question slipping into my mind, "How can we bring the diversity of that voice out in the midst of our gathering so that every eye might see and every heart find a voice and expression amongst us?"

Worship I think too is of great value and importance to us as a community and people. I don't just mean the music at the start and ending of each Sunday morning service either although that is a wonderful expression of it. I mean the value of prayer that we have and the authentic ways in which we call out to Jesus in our gatherings; the strong hold to God's Word in scripture; the times we have served our community at the Stampede Breakfast or in the community hall. I can't help but reflect on our time at the Body, Soul, and Spirit Expo last September as we reached out to the many people there who so longed to know a God who really cared for them simply because he loved them and not because of any works or deeds which they were a part of. We were all touched by the works of Jesus and filled with awe (Acts 2:43). To me that is our worship at MTC!

Children and family ministries I think have always been at the fore front of MTC's connection to the surrounding community. Whether it is Janet with the kids or Aaron with the youth; these ministries are always on the move! I must admit that Bonnie and I do not have any children but we have both always known that MTC's strongest value is instilling a relationship between Jesus and the children of our community.

I won't say much more but, both Bonnie and I are so grateful to have McKenzie Towne Church as our home and perhaps more importantly, as our family. Looking at the truest roots of what a church is, of what ecclesia is; we are a gathering of people and as any organic entity we are excited to see were Jesus will take us next and to see the many changes, growth, and experiential developments he brings us through in our walk of faith, hope, and love (1 Cor. 13:13).