A Word on Absence

Life has been a bit of a circus as of late. After my computer’s main board crashed a month ago; I will hopefully have it returned this week and not have to try and keep up with emails via our PS3 in the living room. It is hardly conducive to typing or writing though. More towards the circus... Bonnie has been in the hospital the past week after a kidney stone blocked her kidney from functioning which resulted in an infection in her blood stream. She spent quit a few days on some heavy duty medications followed by minor surgery on Tuesday to remove the stone. She is still very weak and having difficulty standing in order to get into her wheelchair however; it was great to get her home yesterday for our 10th Anniversary. She is a great inspiration to me and a driving force in our faith. I can see the many miracles Jesus is already doing and the daily strides she is taking on the road to recovery!

I have been reading through Ecclesiastes these past few weeks and I am looking forward to exploring through it deeper in the near future. But, first I need to get a real computer. Is it true what they say about the Mac? Any suggestions?