A Rationale for Ecclesiastes

Some time ago I posted a poll on writing a devotional. I have been thru much over the past few months which has delayed my ability to do so until now. Admittedly, my spirits have been low as of late and so writing... or at least my desire to do so has been strained with questions of purpose, significance, and value. Needless to say I feel God pushing me to press on. I realize that of the votes cast it would seem writing on the book of Job would be logical; especially when you consider the present realities Bonnie and I find ourselves in. I still sense a desire however to look into the letter of Ecclesiastes. Maybe for no rational thought or real reason and maybe for the deeper struggle I seem to face in this moment. The deeper struggle of wondering what my purpose, significance, and meaning is in life and what truth or Truth that might hold for me.

Since I was a young boy I have always been a wonderer of truth and the reasoning behind everything. My mother would read old fables, moral driven fairy tales, and ethically driven stories to me and I never seemed to grow out of the old added question of "Why?"

I suppose that is why I have a deep appreciation for the reflections and life stories of Solomon who I have always been told and consider one of the wisest men to have ever lived. He too had a fascination with truth and wisdom even if it was a bit morbid or pessimistic at times. Perhaps wisdom is not always best understood with the constant fluffiness of optimism.

No, wisdom seems to be something else. Something which transcends simple knowledge or conceptual philosophies and yet touches and reflects off of everything that is. You might say wisdom is in existence yet... not of this existence.

I'll write more in the coming weeks.