Old Tongues, Translators, and Jumping Back In the Deep End

ListenIt's been a week of Face Time and Skypeing into Dallas Texas with a new tribe out of Rochester Michigan as I start my studies for the MRE (Masters of Religious Education) and Missional Leadership out of Rochester College. I wasn't sure what to think of hitting the books again and although being unable to travel, I was a bit nervous to using Skype as I had never done so before. It took a few days to settle in but even sitting in the comfort of my home, the Intensive Week lived up to its name. I am exhausted!! Listening to the stories of the other students really moved me and inspired me as I could see the awesome impacts of God in their lives! Story after story of deliverance, compassion, suffering, redemption, and God led mission left me feeling very small in the world and yet recognized as a brother in a Kingdom far greater then I or you could imagine! I greatly look forward to growing closer and learning from this tribe in the years ahead!

A few days in, the language began to incline and I recognized the old familiar tongue of missional latitude that I suppose I should expect from higher education and deeper waters of missional thought. From the discussions of narrative and meta-narrative to the formulation and defence of hermeneutical interpretation, I recognized a need to brush up and grow my linguistic skills. This left me with a pondering to our roles in community and how we embody biblical, or God's word, in the community narrative? (Ah yes, it seems to be taken an old road again! ;) )

A few days ago, a fellow student made the statement, "I'm struggling with the big words." My mind reflected to seven years ago as I left the Bible College and started enacting the call of mission in my community. Over and over my family and friends would tell me, "We don't understand this missional language you are speaking. You have to speak to us like a normal person!" Epiphany hit me, Alan Hirsch was right! Even as missional leaders, we need to learn the language of the community and for the next seven years that is exactly what I learned to speak!

The role of missional leadership is to take the missional narrative and linguistics and in a sense, learn to become a translator who embodies God's word not only in action but in spoken word. The meta-narritive is taking the hermeneutic and putting it into the story of... the Simpsons! ;)


Yes, I'm back into the deep end of the pool again and I'm sure there are some sharks about, be they institutional or my own endurance to tread water and keep my head up. I just pray that as I swim away from the boat again, that as I come ashore, Jesus is there waiting by the fire. (Interesting note of thought - the last boat I swam from was the institutional church (See Here). Now I'm swimming from the "missional" front lines!)