Journeying in the Story of the Edge – Pt. #4 - Conclusion – The Inspiration of Common Tribal Themes and the Nature of the Missio Dei in The Edge

ChurchLike the early disciples crowded in the upper room following Jesus’ crucifixion, The Edge began in the living room of a home with the question “What is the church meant to be?” Foundationally, we hoped to explore an expression of the ecclesia that would not necessarily be new, as much as it would be of a deeper more intimate and meaningful encounter of worship, mission, and discipleship for those who journey with us. No longer would the institutional four walls of church structure hold back the gospel from permeating all the corners of our society; rather we would take the gospel and enflesh it through all of our relationships to the very edges of our lives as we live the life of Jesus within the lives of all others. Though perhaps to different degrees between each of us, this journey has us wrestling with common themes and issues of holy discontent that shapes our view and dismissal from the traditional church. In some cases we have even experienced or found forms of oppression and persecution in our shared stories as reactionary responses from the traditional church, much like the early disciples experienced with the rise of Pharisee leadership in the Jewish tradition during the early years of the Christian movement.

Thematically The Edge also experienced the rise and fall of those in the journey with them. With the persecution of the early church, death would become a recognition of martyrdom. We have seen those in our own tribes who have passed away that were heroes to our faith, saints of a sort. Celebrating in the life they led we find inspiration to the mission we are a part of in the story of God today.

Pertinent most of all to recognizing our involvement in the missio Dei is our call in discipleship and desire to be ‘Imitating Jesus’. The great commission from our Lord to, “Go therefore and make disciples”[1] becomes a mantra to which we are a part of as we embrace the hope to be living like Jesus lived. It is to these questions that we now turn. Where is it that God is now calling us? What are the challenges he is placing upon us as his called people? How must we learn to become better disciples in the mission of God as part of The Edge movement? These are the questions we will explore in our next series of Further Steps Towards the Edge.

[1] The Holy Bible: English Standard Version. (2001). (Mt 28:19). Wheaton: Standard Bible Society.