A Deep Gaze Into Missional Theology and The Eschatological Gleanings From Them ~ An Introduction


There is an old quote by Fredrick Nietzsche that says, “If you gaze long enough into the abyss, the abyss will also gaze into you.” While I have spent much time in the last few months meditating and reading into the issues of understanding the Trinity, missional theology, and there eschatological implications; I feel greatly inadequate or unqualified in endeavoring to add my own comments to such a deep conversation. Still, in doing so I have found the long gaze of these same subjects looking back into my own life and community with some phenomenal insights. In this series of posts it is my hope to explore some of the historical understandings of the Trinity while arguing for a relative theological definition to my own stance and there implications to ecclesiological practices in discipleship. Following this I hope to articulate an eschatological view to God’s Kingdom and the mission to which it catalyzes its members into.

Through this journey over the past few months, God has really spoke into my heart that we cannot truly know who we are as created beings in God's image, nor as the ekklesia church, apart from our understandings of God and His identity as our creator made manifest in the incarnation of Christ and transcendent through space, time, and matter as the Holy Spirit. In essence, we can't enter the practicalities of missional living apart from theological beliefs or understandings. My hope is that you will come to the same conclusions through our following discussions!