A Experimental Narrative to Ephesians 4


Well, here goes... There lives a magnificent artist and like all masters, his palate is an extension of himself. Spreading the colors of life across his palate he took up the one singular narrative of his masterpiece on one single grand canvas. Blank as it was, with each brush stroke life was brought to the canvas and the artists expressions lite up the imaginations of all who saw it.

Starting with an apostolic background the essences of the colors mixed creating variant shades that would later interconnect the dynamic articulation and contexts he would soon add to tell his story. 

With a backdrop set, the artist began adding a prophetic environment of setting and a revealing of place and time. This brought out the hidden and deeper meanings of his story that as each person viewed the singular whole piece, they might see something different and unique both of its telling and its creator. 

He now turned to the evangelistic imprints of characters being placed on his canvas. These are the elements and persons of good actions and proclamations in the story of his masterpiece. They brought richness and beauty to the whole expressionisms around them!

Stepping back to view his masterpiece, the artist was deeply moved by the emotions of his expression. Leaning into each character, each element, every piece of his story, the artist began to detail and tweak his work with highlights of love, bursts of joy, elements of peace, long gazes in patience, stretches of kindness, touches of goodness, places of gentleness, and strokes of self control. These all he set in the base color of shepherding love. 

Not quite last but set in the finishing of his work, the artist wanted his story and canvas to also have purpose and significance. So he placed his brush at the center and began painting strokes of teaching and texture. These techniques extended outwards with a rippling effect that highlighted the entire piece. It was as if the painting itself leaped off the canvas in an epiphany and revelation of the creator and the artist's thoughts and being. 

The artist stood back for a moment starring at the incredible story his masterpiece told. It's was incredible and deeply moving to any and all who would see it! But like all great artists, the master craftsmen knew it was still yet incomplete. It needed to be shared, brought out for all to view it and express their own revelations and moments of brilliance as they uniquely connected themselves to his story.

See, the artist knew that the masterpiece itself was bigger then just the canvas and all the elements on it. The masterpiece came in the experience of knowing all the elements depended on one another to bring out and share the story equally. Without one of them being part of the expression, the masterpiece would have failed.

With immeasurable love and care for his work, the master artist set his canvas out for all to see and experience. In his heart of hearts he knew, this was the true masterpiece of his work, that the story is told not just within the canvas, but in the ways it stretches beyond the frames to grasp at, encounter, and be embraced by the very Spirit of his being!