Absence & The Upside Down Life Of Renovations


I need to write something. No seriously, I need to write something! No agenda, nothing specific... I just thought, I should really put something out there as it seems like forever. Will anyone read this? I don’t know but... 

The past several months our house has been turned upside down as we pilled our furniture up into the dinning room & front living room, moved all the storage into a small corner of the basement, while dismantling the gym set & cramming it into the same corner. We were renovating & painting the house. 

I really didn’t think it was going to be a big deal but, with no desk or office space to work in, it seemed as though all my writing & creative spaces for expression had disappeared. I was at a stand still, waiting for my life to return to a spacial plain of normality!

Well, that day has yet to arrive. I still have no desk, no creative office space. But I’ve carved out a little room for the iPad, here in the kitchen, so as to press on & move forward. The renovations are finally complete but, we must endeavour to rebuild our structural decor of functionality & beauty.  The day of promised normality is upon the rise!

All this down time has taught me a few things though. Here are a few of them.

Dust can really clog your air passages in subtle ways.

No really! Our contractor warned us that it was going to get dusty. My parents even suggested leaving town while they worked. It really wasn’t an option to leave for us but, we didn’t think the sit quality was really that bad. Within a month of the work though, we could see a good 2 mm of dust covering pretty much everything in the house. We cleaned it at first but, it was difficult to keep up with & we slowly settled into a submissive willingness to put up with it until they were finished.

It really didn’t seem bad. Every so often I’d have to cough & most mornings I’d have to blow my nose out while it would also run throughout the day. But I really didn’t notice the bad air quality. Clean up day came & the furnace & ducts were blown out. I couldn’t believe the difference! I could breath so much easier & the air seemed fresh & invigorating! The dust had crept in so subtly that I had no idea how much it was compromising my wellbeing!

That had me thinking. How many times do I subtly add to my calendar or busy myself with that at first seem small but actually clog my life with activities that really take away from the real callings I should be concerned with? What would it mean to clear out the “business” of my life so as to really enjoy the presence of friends & family around me?

That thought opens me to something else I learned. 

I really LOVE spending time in my gym! 

Before we developed the basement I would go down to the weight gym & workout amidst the clutter of boxes & storge materials we’d keep in the dark store areas. Ya, the workout was good but, I really wasn’t eager to head down to a dark “hole” to workout. 

Now, with painted walls & flooring I am blown away by the light in our basement. It took some time to get the gym set up but, now that it is, I love plugging my headphones in & heading downstairs to hit the weights! Not only has it brought a great sense of enjoyment to my exercise routine, it has made me feel stronger & freer to focus on physical activity!

It is amazing what bringing more light into your life can do to reveal new freedoms in who you are! As you think about the places in your life that seem tedious or dark, how might you bring more light & beauty into those spaces so as to reveal a new found freedom you didn’t know was there before?

Dreaming for the future. 

I first started The Inception Of Wonder as a hope for a future community. In some ways I still have that hope. There are so many writing projects I imagine about writing, including a hopeful post on Sanctuary as I explore its meanings & how this vision seems to shape our contractors work. I will be bridging this with a podcast I plan on recording with Paul Klassen, as the Pinnacle Group’s CEO, later this month. I also can’t wait to share a podcast conversation I shared with my good friend Derrick Mitchell from The Calgary Mustard Seed as we talked about Human Poverty & how we are called to serve those in this marginalized space.

But I’ve also begun to let go a lot. Over the last couple years I have been battling a deep depression while asking the question of why am I here? What significances do I bring to this world? I know I need to find work, but my hope is that the work I find makes a difference in the world.

Well, I suppose that is it for now. I will work on getting the house back together & finding greater opportunities to write & podcast more. But for now, this is it. I can say, I have written something.