Why I Left The Church

It was an interesting evening for sure. A group of us had drove up to the north end of the city after hearing about a public conversation taking place between Bart Campolo & Sean McDowell. Taking different poles between each other in dialogue, Campolo embraced a stated “atheism” or humanist stance while McDowell stood upon a firm belief in the Christian Evangelical Church. While inviting the others, I had enthusiastically given support to “Team I Left”. It became a point of conversation as they wondered how I could support this stance while still being involved with Christian gathering events.

In honesty, I was giving the support in a tongue in cheek way. But, while I do give leniencey to this stance, we need to ask the question of what it means to be in or out of the church.

Black Holes, Making Space For The Other, & The Gospel Of A Social Salvation

A few weeks ago I wrote about The Gravity Of Wonder and how we are all tethered to a relationship with it for the rest of our life. This theme had me pondering upon the way gravity works & the deeper question of what just might be the greatest gravitational force in the universe today. Do you know what it is?

The most substantial gravitational force in creation is surprisingly not the sun. Nor is it the largest planet you can find in a solar system. The most powerful gravitational force actually comes from what is known as a black hole. I found this remarkable as I looked deeper into the workings of gravity and how it functions.

First, the easiest way to understand gravity is...

Lizard Brain & Some Abstract Thoughts

I've been working on a post that I'm hoping will be a good one but won't be releasing it until next week. BUT, I wanted to put something out this week and share some abstract thoughts from some things my imagination has been gleaning from the past few days.

Lately, I've been reading from Matthew Lieberman's book 'Social' as he writes about human psychology and the ways our brains work. It has been a rather fascinating exploration and deeply revealing into humanity's need for community and relationship with others.

I was kind of distracted however, as Lieberman wrote on what psychologists refer to as the "Lizard" brain. This is the part of the brain considered...

The Gravity Of Wonder

You can’t deny gravity. Well, it’s extremely hard to anyways, and even if you are able to escape its grip, it isn’t at all sustainable for any real length of time and it's not long before you come crashing back to the reality that gravity is tethered to you for life.

I remember when my wife & I went to the theatre to see the movie 'Gravity' for the first time. Sitting practically right in front of the screen, with our 3D glasses on, the grand infinity of space opened up to us during the beginning frames. I always love the beauty in these scenes as they bring a sense of...

Gandhi’s Four Pillars To Christianity

Recently, I finished reading Brian McLaren's book 'Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, & Mohammed Cross the Road'. It was a great read into the conversation of a globally diverse religious and spiritual society. I resonated with his pursuit for a Christian identity that, "moves me towards people of other faiths in wholehearted love, not in spite of their non-Christian identity and not in spite of my own Christian identity, but because of my identity as a follower of God in the way of Jesus."

Particularly, I find myself reflecting around the last chapter's thoughts from a conversation held between E. Stanley Jones & Mahatma Gandhi. When questioned what Gandhi thought would foster a natural expression of Christianity in India, he offered...


My first experience with the Billy Graham Crusades came when the First Alliance had a youth event in the early 90’s and my best friend Ron, his stepbrother Burton, & I sat in the balcony seats while taking in the speakers, theatrics, and bands of the revival. Truth be told, we had only gone to hear the rock band ‘White Heart’ who would be playing there that evening and I really was not looking for a faith awakening. Still, the call came and while I was intrigued by the thought of joining the crowd in front of the stage for prayer, I remained in my seat. It seems my spiritual rebirth would come later in life.

I grew up in an Anglican Church. The idea of being "born again" was maybe not foreign to me (I had heard televangelist before) but just not emphasized...

Meeting My Muslim Neighbour

This was not my first time visiting a local mosque here in Calgary. The first time I went was for a Friday Prayer Service and I was very uncomfortable. You can read about here. So with my friend Dan, I was eager for a more positive experience after receiving an invite to visit the Ahmadiyya mosque this past weekend.

Arriving at the entrance to a beautifully silver domed worship centre, I was a little surprised that there was not more people there. It was a public event to meet Muslims while exploring some of the many questions our culture faces in light of a growing...

Is It Wrong For A Heretic To Go To Church?

“Is it wrong for a heretic to go to church?” That was the question I found myself anguishing over while being unable to sleep the other night. It seems as though whenever I am in a larger congregation I feel uneasy about speaking what is stirring in my heart; most times because I tend to express challenge to the status quo and many of the institutional practices and beliefs held, which then leads to “upset” or anguish in the later discussions.

A “heretic”  is someone who speaks and/or acts against the accepted religious beliefs & practices of a particular group or community. It is often considered negative in tone and you generally want to avoid being labeled by such a name as it gives the understanding of being an outsider at best, or a less desirable character. But what if the generally accepted belief or practice...

Naked And Unashamed: Clothing Is Optional In The Reading Of This Post

Naked and unashamed. These are the words that came to my mind this morning as I contemplated the controversy in my home city the last few weeks. A local nude recreational community had tried to book a Family Swim Event at a municipal leisure centre and many of the public have protested citing concern for children and the exploitation of sexual offenders. While I sympathies with those who are protesting, I am trying to honestly look objectively at the positive & negative values to both communal polarities, and the differences they may have.

While I can't honestly say I know the true reasonings for this particular local nude recreational community; when I was younger, I thought these sorts of groups were attempting to embrace an "Adam & Eve" creational culture. In essence, we should...

The Beatitudes: To Know & Be Known

Perhaps some of the most profound words Jesus ever spoke might have come from his Sermon on the Mount. Recorded in the gospel of Matthew, he writes that  Jesus walked up a nearby hill, close to the sea of Galilee, sat down, and began to speak with those who were with him. He begins this well known moral address through what is called The Beatitudes.

"Blessed..." From the very first word, I am captured in the beauty of his imagination. With his eyes gazing over the people who were watching him, it was as though he was describing the very scene he was sitting in; the man with a dirty face from the soil he was working in throughout the morning, the woman who looked as though she was aged by the trials she had endured over the many years of keeping her home and...