John Lloyd Inventories the Invisible


I thought this was rather brilliant this morning as I contemplated the beauty of Gods creation and the humor of finding things of invisibility. I must use this as an illustration some time! By the way, in answer to John's agnosticism and defining terms... I believe that is the point! Man cannot define God's terms just as we cannot define his character. To do so is to miss his existence entirely and in the midst of trying would only be caught up in ideology and ultimately idolatry. It is God who can and did state his terms through the act of incarnation not through words or things!

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WWJB: What would Jesus Buy?

Right. So after my rant on the WWJD question in my thoughts on Tony Campolo's Justice Presentation; I came across this: [youtube=]

Talk about Hilarious! What do you think Jesus would buy?

Everything is amazing and nobody is happy...

O.K. So Bonnie and I watched this video last week on my friend Steve's blog and it was hilarious. Bonnie would not leave me alone about it saying, "You need to post this on your blog too." So... here it is: