Memorable Thoughts of 2008

dsc00110It's been a little difficult as of late to find time and perhaps motivation to sit and write. I'm not sure if it is a loss of direction or the presence of possible burn out. I suppose it is something which I will have to explore over the coming months.2008 was a busy year for sure and there have been many memorable moments. I have been going through some of my old posts over the last year and taking some time to reflect on the meaningful events which have stood out in my mind. These are perhaps some of them.

  • Bonnie's and my 9th Anniversary in May. It seems thematic that we have been focusing our thoughts to next may when we will celebrate being married for 10 years. I know I have to come up with something BIG for this one! Any suggestions of how we might celebrate?
  • This past summers coffee markets have been a great way to engage with our community and I have loved and appreciate everyone who came to be a part of these projects with us.
  • The Body, Soul, and Spirit Expo - This was an amazing experience and I am so thankful to everyone who was involved. No matter whether you were a follower of Jesus who was involved in volunteering or a person who attended the expo out of exploration; we were all touched by the Spirit of Jesus and our faith grew because of it!
  • Norm and Rys's resignation from the staff at MTC - Whether for good reasons or bad this was a feeling of shock which I will never forget as I sat in church that Sunday and watched as they both stood before the congregation and stepped down from their ministry roles at MTC. I pray and hold faith for them both that God will bless them wherever he might lead them.
  • A growing friendship with Brad, Aaron, Lori, and Janet at MTC - I will be the first to admit that my relationship with the corporate structures of MTC has not always been on steady ground. All said, the staff at MTC have been very good friends and I am glad that together we have been able to collaborate on many things both in ministry and in the sharing of our personal stories over coffee at Starbucks. I look forward to what we might accomplish together over the next year and more importantly how are friendships might grow as we encounter the Kingdom of God in the midst of our community.
  • New Work at Home Depot - To be honest, I don't know the slightest thing about power tools, home hardware, or the business of home construction. I simply love people. For that reason I am so thankful to the people at Home Depot as they have shown me great graces while there and given me great opportunities to grow and work with the people in their staff and those who would come into the store.
  • Christmas celebration - I have always loved the Christmas time of year. It is so full of the Spirit of Emmanuel and I always enjoy sing carols, and celebrating the birth of Jesus with friends, family, and the new people we meet. Who can forget the 12 Days of Christmas at the MTC Banquet and Christmas at Expressions was beautiful with all the laughter and fun.

Hopes for the New Year

  • I hope that in the New Year there might be an eldership which will give Expressions a bracket in which to function as a recognized non-profit and future church plant.
  • I hope that we might raise enough funds to be a part of the next Body, Soul, and Spirit Expo either in April or September or both.
  • I am looking forward to our Re:Genesis project and hope that the word spreads to others in our community who might find support within it.
  • I hope Expressions will continue to grow particularly our worship times Sunday night. I also pray that other leadership will come to be a part of Expressions and its development.
  • I hope to find a more supportive and meaningful way in which to provide for Bonnie's and my physical and financial needs. - Perhaps a more permanent position.

Just some thoughts...