When Time Seems to Stand Still

As I promised a few weeks ago here is one of the first articles I published on SE Calgary News. Miracles are something which I've always had a tuff time wrapping my head around but I must admit to the wonderment of just how God intervenes and commits such acts in our world. Do miracles exist? I may not be able to understand everything but yes, I do believe miracles happen. Here is the article. It was last week when my in-laws from Ninette, MB clipped the story of Demetrius’ adventure out of the Edmonton Sun while visiting with other family in the area so that they might bring it down to Calgary and share it with my wife and I while staying with us for a few days.

Little three year old Demetrius, like so many times before while on family visits to the park, dawned his sun cap and shades while climbing aboard his treasured battery powered Chevy Silverado and headed off on a quest to find adventure. It wasn’t until a short time later that his parents realized Demetrius had disappeared from view. Where had Demetrius gone? What if he is in trouble? Where do we look? What is going to happen next?

It is that moment which many of us have faced before. The moment of fear and uncertainty in a situation or life event which in most cases feels as though time seems to come to a complete stop. Time seems to stand still.

Two thousand years ago things were not that much different. After a long day of listening to Jesus speak on the side of a hill and feeding over 5000 people, the disciples decided to climb into a boat and sail across the Sea of Galilee to find some peace and quiet.

Half way through their journey though the winds were causing the sea to be quite rough and the disciples were stressed to say the least. Time was at a stand still. All they could think of was arriving safely on the other side.

Then while looking over the side they see a figure walking on the water. The impossibility of the moment startled them. How is this possible? How can the miraculous be understood? They cried out to Jesus and he said, “Do not be afraid.” as he climbed into the boat. (John 6:16-21)

The story leaves you with a question; “Do miracles really happen?” The question itself though comes with an expectation to an assumed nature or definition of the miraculous. Perhaps another more appropriate question might be “What is the miraculous?”

Perhaps miracles are not always found in cataclysmic supernatural and paranormal events or moments. Perhaps miracles and the miraculous occur when we are willing to see the extraordinary providence of what would be ordinary moments.

It seemed like forever was passing by to three year old Demetrius’ parents as they sat huddled together with the police and emergency crews around them. So many friends, family, and even strangers were out looking for the little guy while calling out to him from the many bike paths and walk ways. Then the miraculous! Demetrius is spotted by five men 12 km down stream sitting atop of his beloved overturned truck floating in the Peace River. He has lived the impossible adventure and finds deliverance in their rescue.

As straight-faced as can be, Demetrius looks at his rescuers and explains, “I made my truck into a boat!” I don’t know if little Demetrius turned his truck into a boat; or if God made him float; but maybe, just maybe, when time seems to stand still, miracles really do happen!