Passing Away



"Jesus wept." Two simple words and the shortest sentence in the Bible (John 11:35). Yet it seems these words to me have become such a deep revelation into the authenticity of Jesus' love for humanity and the lives of those who he calls friends. Have you ever been in those moments where sadness and fear have gripped you so strongly that nothing else seems to matter? When the daily practices of life seem to become surreal in nature? Or when the very fabric of life itself becomes infinitely perplexed by the loss of a loved one in the midst of it?

This past week has been a blur for me as my wife and I came to grips with the slow understanding that we were losing her mother to multiple organ failure. I was struggling with the questions, "What do I say?" and "Where is God in all of this?"

In a lot of ways I suppose that is how Jesus' friends felt after Lazarus had died; numb, dazed and confused as to where Jesus was when their brother Lazarus was sick and close to death. After he passed away Jesus arrives and Mary Magdalene called out to him, "Where were you Lord when my brother was sick?" And Jesus wept.

Taking Jesus to the tomb where Lazarus' body was he stood in front of it calling out, "Lazarus, come out!” (John 11:43) The miraculous happened.

I don't suppose to know the mysteries and power of redemption or the process of salvation and the ways in which the miracle of resurrection happens. Nor do I understand why sometimes prayers are answered and sometimes there not; or at least not the way we hope for. But if it is one thing that the story of Lazarus has spoken to me about in the last week, it is that death does not stop the miraculous.

Until then though I pray for comfort in the midst of silence, knowing Jesus is with us, weeping.