3 Important Questions For A Masterpiece In Life

"Some people might call you a piece of work. God calls you a piece of art." Those were Les Bon-Bernard's words last night to a crowd of us. The beautiful thing about art is it is relationally saturated in interpretational opportunity. Art is both the constructed canvas of oil paint, brush strokes, elemental materials, captured images, & reflections of multiple actions. But it is also an improve of those who are in view of it; those who are interacting with it on a social & relationally critical examination of where they find meaning & significance with it.

If each one of us is a masterpiece in the working, we have to ask ourselve's the questions that reveal who relationally is the artist's behind our sense of understanding & purpose? Who is creating "us" & the meaning for our existence?

Inceptions: Campfires, Scouter Bob, & The Art Of Storytelling

The flames flicker as I gaze into the embers of my memories and imagination...

Stepping out of the lights and noise of the others still in the cabin, I took a deep breath of the clean crisp Kananaskis air while looking upwards at the clear starry night sky above me. It was beautiful and I felt an overwhelming sense of freeness just being there, as though the world had become so much bigger. This was home away from home for me and time was never ending.

Not to far off was the glow of the rising campfire...