Ep. 10 ~ Calgary Interfaith Conversations - Exploring Our Understandings Of Salvation

Let me start by apologizing for the poor audio in this podcast. I spent a great deal of time attempting to enhance it but, this was the best I could get it. My hope is in future CIC Conversations I might be able to set the mic up closer to the speakers table so that it picks them up much better.

A few months back, there was a small gathering of people from multiple traditions of faith, that came together to explore & share their understandings of salvation; particularly through the traditions of Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, & Christianity.

Ep. #9 ~ Addressing Human Poverty: The Calgary Mustard Seed

I have truly been excited to publish this podcast after talking with Derrick & Britney a few weeks ago! We met downtown in the newly constructed building of the Seeds step up program. While the 1st & 2nd floors are for administration & education spaces, the remaining several floors are dedicated to small apartments and social spaces where residents can meet & grow in community. 

Over the past 15 years I have been involved…

Ep. #8 ~ Rohadi Nagassar Of Cypher Church On Racism & Systemic Power Abuses

Rohadi Nagassar & I go back several years in our friendship & it was a great privilege to be able to sit with him & spend some time exploring some of his new adventures in Cypher Church as well as converse around a number of his thoughts on racism following his blog series on Rohadi.com.

It seems as though racism & prejudice issues have become such a prevalent conversation these days, particularly relating to the violence taking place in the US & the political climates surrounding immigration & the Trump Presidency. While our conversation does not hit on all these issues, it begins to open some of the basic first steps in understanding racism in our society today.

Ep. #7 ~ The Mosaic Network W/ Tim Schultz

Sitting in the central cafe space at First Alliance Church, Tim Schultz and I chatted about his growing up years as a missionary kid & his vision for The Mosaic Network. Passionate about reaching out to those who find themselves engaged in kingdom work but often outside of the norms of the Christian traditional church, Tim shared how he hoped Mosaic might become a meeting place for the two sides to come together & learn from one another.

Ep. #6 ~ Stories On The Edge House Church Network

It was in 2007 that Bonnie & I began our house church journey. Doing much of it on our own, we were so excited when we joined The Edge as a network of house churches that were spread across Calgary.

Since then, I have been inspired by many of these experiences and opportunities to journey with the many leaders in this movement. Wanting to simply be like Jesus - loving God, loving people, and making disciples - we witnessed as the Spirit...

Ep. #5 ~ Christmas With Hot Apple Cider W/ Laureen Gunther

Christmas is really one of my favourite times of year! Truth is, I've struggled over the whole commercialization of it, especially the last decade but, it remains a very magical time where I focus on the blessing of family, friends, and the spirit of sharing stories of wonder over great food and drinks.

This past weekend I had the awesome opportunity for Laureen Gunther to join my wife and I in the living room of our home and share about...

Ep. #4 ~ The Bees Of Rainbow Falls W/ Preston Pouteaux

Today I’m sharing a conversation I had with my good friend Preston Pouteaux. He is a husband to his wife Kelly, father to two little girls, pastor at Lake Ridge Community Church, and an amazing artist both in painting and his writing. And of course, he is a bee keeper and gardener of all things beautiful.

I first met Preston about 5 or 6 years ago in a Forge Canada gathering here in Calgary. Along with his completely entertaining...

Ep. #3 ~ Land Of The Mahoganites With Guest Evan Spencer

I've know Evan for over the past three years and his story is one of inspiration and great faith. Leading a number of others from the Bow Valley Christian Church in NW Calgary, they made the intentional and brave move to build and begin living in mission amidst the Mahogany community on the outskirts of SE Calgary.

Since being there he has become deeply involved with the volunteer community of their neighbourhood and given great time to developing some amazing relationships with his neighbours and other community leaders in the city. Without hesitation, I can say that Evan Spencer is a vital leader in his neighbourhood...

A Conversation With The Armchair Captain

"Music takes you to a space where it can pull back the veil between reality and the eternal while only giving you a glimpse for the briefest of moments.

A few weeks ago I got to sit in my den with my good friend and musical artist, Verne Luchinski. We shared some great laughs as he spoke of growing up in Saskatchewan Canada and the many influences he's had over the years. It was my first...