Ep. #5 ~ Christmas With Hot Apple Cider W/ Laureen Gunther

Laureen Gunther.jpg

Christmas is really one of my favourite times of year! Truth is, I've struggled over the whole commercialization of it, especially the last decade but, it remains a very magical time where I focus on the blessing of family, friends, and the spirit of sharing stories of wonder over great food and drinks.

This past weekend I had the awesome opportunity for Laureen Gunther to join my wife and I in the living room of our home and share about her latest co-authored publication called Christmas With Hot Apple Cider. She is a prolific author as she writes in numerous community newsletters and a huge advocate for the incredible artistic town of Rosebud Alberta.

While not wanting to "spill all the cider" we share in the podcast, we cover a range of topics including her connection with this community called Hot Apple Cider, her story of a Christmas blessing, diverse traditions of Christmas celebrations, the meaning of Christmas and how immigration reflects the magic of the incarnation, and the richness of family during the Christmas season.

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Until the next time, Merry Christmas and may wonder fill your new year with the magic of the season!!

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Hot Apple Cider Books ~ http://hotappleciderbooks.com 

Christmas With Hot Apple Cider on Amazon ~ https://www.amazon.ca/Christmas-Hot-Apple-Cider-Receiving-ebook/dp/B07613SKXJ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1513985675&sr=8-1&keywords=Christmas+with+hot+apple+cider

Laureen's Writings in the Strathmore Times ~ http://strathmoretimes.com/?s=Rosebud