Ep. #7 ~ The Mosaic Network W/ Tim Schultz

Mosaic Sailing.jpg

Sitting in the central cafe space at First Alliance Church, Tim Schultz and I chatted about his growing up years as a missionary kid & his vision for The Mosaic Network. Passionate about reaching out to those who find themselves engaged in kingdom work but often outside of the norms of the Christian traditional church, Tim shared how he hoped Mosaic might become a meeting place for the two sides to come together & learn from one another.

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Mosaic's Vene.jpeg

While holding onto the mystery of what Mosaic will look like in the future, I could not help but feel our conversation inspired hope for those us who are often ostracized by traditional community's & seeking radical ways of exploring God's kingdom in the greater world.

I hope Tim's & my conversation might inspire you as a listener & dawn inceptions of wonder that can impact your community!


The Mosaic Network: http://www.themosaicnetwork.net

Mosaic's FaceBook Page: https://www.facebook.com/mosaiccommunities/