Ep. #8 ~ Rohadi Nagassar Of Cypher Church On Racism & Systemic Power Abuses

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Rohadi Nagassar & I go back several years in our friendship & it was a great privilege to be able to sit with him & spend some time exploring some of his new adventures in Cypher Church as well as converse around a number of his thoughts on racism following his blog series on Rohadi.com.

It seems as though racism & prejudice issues have become such a prevalent conversation these days, particularly relating to the violence taking place in the US & the political climates surrounding immigration & the Trump Presidency. While our conversation does not hit on all these issues, it begins to open some of the basic first steps in understanding racism in our society today.

As I touched a bit on the prejudice of ablism in our conversation, I personally can acknowledge how the exploration of what it means to be human is deeply impacted by the issues of racism. It is a subject that deserves greater enquiry & depth & I hope to return to this conversation in a future podcast. But I also don't want to over power this issue as drowning out all the other wonders of creation.

So we will return to this subject but, it shall be in the timing of God's choosing. Perhaps you might have some questions here though after listening to this podcast. What might you want to ask in the next conversation? What issues in racism would you like us to explore more with The Inception Of Wonder?


Cypher Church ~ http://cypherchurch.com

Rohadi Nagassar's Blog ~ https://www.rohadi.com/

Rohadi's Post Series on Racism ~ https://www.rohadi.com/2017/faith-you/changethestory/