Ep. #10 ~ Calgary Interfaith Conversations - Exploring Our Understandings Of Salvation

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Let me start by apologizing for the poor audio in this podcast. I spent a great deal of time attempting to enhance it but, this was the best I could get it. My hope is in future CIC Conversations I might be able to set the mic up closer to the speakers table so that it picks them up much better.

A few months back, there was a small gathering of people from multiple traditions of faith, that came together to explore & share their understandings of salvation; particularly through the traditions of Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, & Christianity. It was an early evening filled with rich dialogue & passionate people. I was honoured to be a part of it & loved the new relationships of friendship that I found there.

While I think the podcast will reveal some intriguing differences between each faith tradition’s understanding of salvation, I find it encouraging to also find several overlapping conceptions that can allow for connective dialogue & relational appreciation. But I also found myself pondering whether we had jumped the gun, sort of speak, & perhaps should have asked the question first of, what do we need salvation from?

A brief thought from my own perspective comes from my reading of Richard Beck’s book called ‘The Slavery Of Death’. He draws a picture of how just as the Christian Godhead finds Trinitarian form in Father, Son, & Holy Ghost, evil also finds a trinitarian expression through Satan, Sin, & Death. Each of these elements presents unique characteristics that reflect different salvational needs & responses.

Perhaps in a further conversation down the way we might get to explore some of those needs & responses. For now, I hope you might just be intrigued by CIC’s conversation as you listen to the podcast & later, we might converse more in a comment stream or at future gatherings.

Until then…


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