Ep. #11 ~ World Crisis & The Pathway To Peace: A CIC Conversation


It is hard to live in this world today & not know that we are in a state of calamity. Whether it is civil unrest, political polarities, war, immigration, hunger, homelessness, disease, environmental disasters, or the combination of them; our world is in crises! (Just take a look HERE at the UN’s Refugee statistics!)

So what are we suppose to do about it? What priority do they have & how are we to know which issues to first address? And, with polarizing words like dominion & stewardship, what roll does religion & spirituality have?

When considering the great sufferings in this world, perhaps the most common question I hear is, “Where is God?” That’s why when I heard the Calgary Interfaith Council was gathering to discuss World Crisis & The Pathway To Peace I was eager to join them & hear from several as they reflected upon this question.


This is a recording of that conversation & gathering as we listened to the thoughts & reflections from a Hindu, a Catholic priest, & a Muslim Imam. I apologize for the technical difficulties in the beginning & poor audio as I am new at this. But I hope the conversation brings inceptions of thought to your imaginations & how you might answer some of these questions.

While it is my hope to bring you more of these CIC conversations, what topics & issues might you like to hear them discuss? Feel free to leave a comment below or join our FaceBook Page HERE & tell us your thoughts on this podcast or future topics. We hope to bring them either to the Calgary Interfaith Council or here on The Inception Of Wonder. Thank you!