Ep. #20 ~ Beliefs W/ Kelvin Block


For weeks I have been looking forward to when I would get to sit down with Kelvin Block & explore the first of this three part series looking at Brian McLaren’s book ‘The Great Spiritual Migration’ - Beliefs: Where Do They Come From & How Do We Live With Them’. I hope our conversation speaks of some phenomenal insights for you to glean from as you migrate through life’s landscapes & relationships!

As always, my great hope is to hear from you my listeners! What questions do you have? How has this & other conversations on the podcast intrigued you? Who might you like to hear from or what themes of wonder need to be explored further?

This coming week I hope to blog some thoughts from Kelvin’s & my conversation along with a story of something that took place after leaving his office. It is always amazing the way the Spirit can speak after conversing with someone on the podcast! Then later in the following week I will release a conversation I had with Rev. Anna Greenwood-Lee as we talked about the themes in the second part in McLaren’s book - Nature Or Nurture: The Characterizations Of God.

Please share these podcasts & blog posts as well as rate, subscribe, & drop any comments you might like to make. Until late, I’m Erik Freiburger & I hope wonder fills your life!


“It’s not that truth isn’t important or that our beliefs aren’t important, it’s that those continue to be growing in us or that our awareness to them continues to be growing in us.”

“We are people who feel, we have experienced things, & then we determine & evaluate them. We make choices & sometimes we make those choices out of freedom & sometimes we make choices from a place of concern, fear, almost more reactionary.”

“Even though our emotions can sometimes be connected to unhealthy beliefs, we shut them all down, we have a tendency to negate emotions because we’re afraid what they might or might not do… It’s not that we should be shutting them down; it’s that we should be intrigued with them, because emotions are very helpful.”


Kelvin Block Counselling ~ https://www.kelvinblockcounselling.com

Dr. Larry Crabb ~ http://newwayministries.org

Brian McLaren’s ‘The Great Spiritual Migration’ ~ https://brianmclaren.net/the-great-spiritual-migration/