Ep. #15 ~ The Bible, Sacred Texts, & The Word Of God ~ A Conversation With Colin Toffelmire


It was in a blog post that Colin Toffelmire had written that he & I began talking about how we engage holy texts & the scriptures of the bible. While deeply appreciating the emphasis on reading holy texts as a practice of spiritual discipline, I couldn’t help but reflect on if this is strictly the only way we can encounter the voice of God. Particularly, must we be conscious or well read in the whole text of the bible to receive revelations from the divine?

In an article by LifeWay Research, they report that just 32% of the American population say they have mostly read or have read all of the entire Christian bible while the greater 53% of the population say they have only read several passages or little to none of the ancient text. It seems that if God is going to reach the larger population of this demographic, he is going to have to speak through more than the biblical text; or at least, allow for his revelations to come through smaller snippets of his divine narrative.

Still, this does not dismiss the importance or greatness of the collective whole to the biblical narrative. Whether you are a Christian or just a curious onlooker of history, the biblical story is significant in understanding our cultural development & social make up. You can hardly escape the underline themes that still play out in pop culture expressions & Hollywood tragedies today. The bible, it seems, will always have a role in understanding our past & shaping our future.

There is lots left unsaid here & I am sure I will return to this theme in future podcasts & blog posts. But for now, I hope my conversation with Dr. Colin Toeffelmire might peak your imagination, stir you into incarnational action, & inspire new revelations.