Ep. #16 ~ The Migration of the Doukhobors W/ Guest Ron Semenoff


Growing up in Canada, I have to admit, history was not high on my list of importance. Yet as I grow older, I find the stories of Canadian history fascinating!

It was at a Jewish & Christian Interfaith event that I first met Ron Semenoff. He was a presenter & speaker for sharing the history of the migration of the Doukhobors as they fled Russia to come to Canada in the late 1800’s & early 1900’s. Being a phenomenal story teller, I was completely immersed in the amazing tail Ron told of these incredible people as they experienced the difficulties of maintaining a rich & deep faith while immigrating to the prairies & western provinces of Canada.

Inviting him to join me here on The Inception Of Wonder, I felt greatly honoured that he would share more on these incredible people & the ways in which their culture & heritage have shaped Canadian history. I hope you too are drawn into the story while hopefully discovering something of a wonder to your history & the way it has been shaped by our Canadian past!


Doukhobor Genealogy Website ~ http://www.doukhobor.org/index-2.html

Doukhobor Discovery Centre ~ https://www.doukhobor-museum.org

Martha 7 ~ https://www.martha7.com/index.html