Ep. #18 ~ AWE-some Round Table Discussion ~ Wonder Incarnating


Welcome to the new beats from The Inception of Wonder Podcast! I can’t help but groove to these sounds & I’m betting your all clapping & feeling it too! These new sounds are all brought to you by Andreas Schwabe & the Graphos Team in Edmonton & I owe them a huge thank you for the fantastic work in rebranding The Inception of Wonder. You’ll hear more in the weeks to come & see a truly awesome new logo that should be released shortly.

There is a lot of exciting stuff that is going to come out this season & I am stoked to hear back from you on what you think & how these conversations are revealing wonder in your life. In two weeks I’ll be having a special guest on to talk with me more deeply about how wonder manifests & incarnates in the world. And after that I’ll be leading us into a series looking at the themes of Brian McLaren’s book ‘The Great Spiritual Migration’. We’ll talk with my friend Kelvin Block about Beliefs: Where do they come from & how do we live with them? Reverend Anna Greenwood Lee will join me as we talk about Nature Or Nurture: The Characterizations of God. And lastly we’ll look at Mission: The Missio Dei & How do I fit in?

So keeping this intro short, I give you our first AWE-some Round Table Discussion on Wonder & how it incarnates into our world! Please do comment, rate, subscribe, & share with others. I’d love for you to be part of the conversation! Also, watch for next week’s blog post as I share some of my own insights & some bonus audio! Here we go!

It's our first ever AWE-some Round Table Discussion!! Thanks for joining us as Dan, Jordan, Evan, Reg, & I (Erik) explore how Wonder Incarnates into the world. Our collective thoughts take us into a range of different areas such as spirituality, mysticism, God, & religion. I hope our discussion bring a slips of wonder to your imagination!


“I started off with a story of me experiencing wonder at church & that was just because it was a place I felt loved & I learned about the divine & I had my first tastes of wonder. But I think my journey since then has been very much realizing that it [wonder] is everywhere & it’s not just in the walls of the church.” ~ Dan Taubensee

“You have these moments where your perceptions align with the undergirding reality of this thing we get to enjoy called life.” ~ Evan Spencer

“There’s got to be habits of openness, or habits of intention, that are reliable not to produce wonder but that can [produce the potential].” ~ Jordan Blasetti

“You have to be present to be able to receive it.” ~ Reg Dole

“God is mutually self giving other focused love.” ~ Evan & Anna 😉 Spencer


Mysteries, Yes By Mary Oliver ~ https://www.poetry-chaikhana.com/blog/2016-10-05/mary-oliver-mysteries-yes/

The Other Name For Everything By Richard Rohr ~ https://cac.org/richard-rohr/another-name-for-every-thing-a-podcast-with-richard-rohr/

Falling Upward: A Spirituality For The Two Halves Of Life By Richard Rohr ~ https://www.amazon.ca/Falling-Upward-Spirituality-Halves-Life/dp/0470907754

Graphos ~ https://graphos.ca

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