Ep. #19 ~ Moments Of Awe W/ Rabbi Shaul Osadchey


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I am really excited about getting to my conversation with Rabbi Shaul Osadchey today so, lets keep this brief!

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That’s it! So here is some awesome moments I spent with Rabbi Shaul Osadchey last week as we talked about awe, spirituality, & our relationship with God! Next week I’ll post a blog with some of my own reflections into our discussion for you to read. Hope you enjoy listening in!


“Humility means that we recognize the transcendence of God, God’s power, & the possibility of God intervening in life in many different ways.” (22 min.)

“Eminence means that we realize that we are copartners with God in this world; Our obligation is to act in Godly ways & to always bring out Godliness in what we do & other people. So that is an antidote to the kind of cynicism & the despair that many are beginning to increasingly feel in society as we experience alarming trends in islamophobia, antisemitism, other kinds of prejudices & hates against gender & so forth.”

“[Salvation] is not based upon any one particular doctrine or dogma that one [is able to] enter the world to come.” (29 min.)