'The Inception of Wonder' exists as a registered Alberta Non-Profit Corporation and is supported through Readers & Listeners like you! Your donations help with the activities of our community including publications, events, website design, & podcast production. Together we can pursue awe as a way of life through developing imaginations, practicing incarnation, & sharing inspiration!!

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Do you have a story where you found an inception of wonder in your life and want to share it with our community? A moment where your imagination was sparked by revelation & relationship to the divine and/or others? An experience of incarnational renewal or reconciliation while being active in your community and neighbourhood? An event or encounter that inspired you and others into the real transformative presence of wonder & awe?

Send us a brief write up of what you would like to share and we will review it in consideration for publishing. Or if you wish to contact us regarding consultation or speaking in your community.

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The Inception of Wonder

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